The commercial electrical wiring that powers your business may involve high voltage systems. At Schork Electrical Services, we have the training and the years of industry experience that enable us to troubleshoot and repair breakdowns in these specialized systems. We’re dedicated to making sure commercial electrical systems are functioning safely and efficiently. We also make it a point to stay current with all pertinent codes and regulations so that your electrical system will never fail an inspection.

We are seasoned professionals who will arrive at your job site punctually and work diligently to complete our work with as little disruption of your routines as possible. If you have concerns about your wiring setup, we’ll be happy to sit down with you to discuss them.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

We’ve assisted many business owners throughout the Greater Redding region with commercial electrical wiring projects since we first opened for business in 2000. Call Schork Electrical Services today at (619) 961-9798 to learn more about our work and what we can do for your needs.